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1003.  Interview with two Spanish exchange Students
Jessica Krauss
  This segment is an Interview between Jessica and Christina and Carlos, two Spanish exchange students from Valencia in Spain. Even though the two visit the same university there they have met in Freiburg for the first time. Jessica asked ...   22.04.2015
7:41 min
1002.  Interview with a German who moved to Australia
Moritz Jahraus
  Mo’s cousin Albi is living in Australia for over 4 years now. Why he likes it so much and how much work it was to get a permit for a permanent stay down under you’ll learn in their very familiar talk. Watch out: Explicit vocabulary!   22.04.2015
5:02 min
1001.  Interview with an American from Chicago
Dunja Höferline
  Dunja is interviewing an American exchange student from Chicago. Her name is Tatiana and she spends her fall semester in Freiburg. It’s not her first experience in Germany but she tells us what she likes most about the country but also ...   22.04.2015
4:57 min
1000.  Interview with US-Gastschwester
Alina Schulz
  Our Editor Alina was visited by her former Gastschwester from the US over Christmas. Like Alina she is a student and its her first visit in Germany. She stayed for three weeks and also visited Freiburg and the PH. In their interview th ...   22.04.2015
5:25 min
999.  A Czech Ghost Story
Jürgen Mößlang
  The short story you’ll hear in a minute is by my fellow student Jürgen Mößlang. He spent his foreign semester in Prague a little more than a year ago. By his own account this story is based on a true incident that happened during his ti ...   22.04.2015
5:54 min
997.  Interview with a German managar of a resort in Indonesia
Nicolaus Ricken
  Imagine you wake up in a beautiful little bungalow step out of the door and have the Pacific Ocean lying right in front of you. You enjoy a rich breakfast just a few steps away on a wooden deck and if you’re lucky you are able to see mo ...   22.04.2015
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994.  Sharks are better than you think!
Lena Mohnke, Larissa Steiner
  Who has ever changed their travel destination because they didn´t want to go somewhere where you can find too many sharks in the ocean? I´m sure some of us have at least looked it up on the internet after seeing some scary movie. But ar ...   22.04.2015
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993.  Interview with a Pakistani
Mark Soziev
  To get an insight in Pakistani culture and what a young Pakistani thinks about German culture and German girls you have to listen closely now.   22.04.2015
4:32 min
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